Payment & Order Cancellation

We accept all major credit cards:
Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®.

We reserve the right to stop accepting credit cards from one or more issuers.

In order for you to register with and order products and services from us it is necessary for you to provide an authentic and current credit card, which you are authorized to use.

By submitting a credit card number to us you are representing and warranting that the credit card information you provide is valid, authentic, current, and one that you are authorized to use it.

Some electronic transactions may require extended processing in addition to credit card authorization.

You will be notified by us if extended processing is required to complete your transaction.

This may affect to your estimated delivery date.

Unless we agrees otherwise, all product and service orders must be paid for at the time of the order and accompanied by an authorization to charge a valid, authentic and current credit card, which you are authorized to use, that you provide at the time of the order.

If a charge against a credit card you provide is not authorized or accepted, or is subsequently refused or rejected, we reserve the right to cancel your order without notice or liability.

Order Cancellation
A print order can be canceled at any time prior to it entering into production.

If you cancel an order prior to it entering into production we will inform you of any cancellation charges incurred. (Please allow at least 10 business days for any refunded monies to be credited to your account).

A print order cannot be canceled and no refund will be given once it has entered into production or any process thereafter.

No refunds are issued for Logo and Graphic design services.