PDF is highly recommended.

This depends on the viewing distance and what the final output size will be.

Please reference our Resolution & Scale Chart.

It is not always necessary to scale your artwork down but here are a few good things to know.

Vector Art
Will your file be over 200"?

If yes you will want to scale it down by half. While Illustrator has a maximum document size nearly 228".

Acrobat and others will only read up to 200" resulting in lost artwork.

So while the artwork looks ok in Illustrator, it will not print correctly.

Raster Art
Will your file be over 30,000 pixels along either axis?

If yes you will need to reduce the resolution of the file to reduce the overall file size to 30,000 or less.

This will maintain the correct file size and aspect ratio.

Don't be worried about losing quality.

A 30,000 pixel document at 150dpi is nearly 16' and would not be viewed close up anyway.

Ensure all fonts are outlined prior to file upload.

If using Photoshop, please provide the flattened file only.


Borders are an issue because all substrates will vary from batch to batch making exact cuts very difficult.

We recommend that you do not design your file with a border.

If you do we will not reprint an order with borders of varying widths.

If you absolutely must have a border make it at least 2 inches in thickness, however we still do not recommend borders.

You must submit two separate files for your job.

One regular artwork file, and one cut mask file.

The cut mask is used to cut your graphic order into whatever shape you like.

The cut file must be an all vector, PDF file that must be uploaded at the same time you upload the artwork file.

We can not accept any cut mask files that are made using a raster based program (e.g. Photoshop).

Here are some rules you must follow when creating your artwork and cut file:
Make sure your artwork has a 1" bleed on all sides and .5" safety margin for the kiss cut.

Keep everything you do not want cut inside of the .5" kiss cut safety margin.

Your document or canvas size must be 2" away from all kiss cut lines. 1.5" for the kiss cut safety margin and bleed and .5" additional.

This outside dimension is the size product you should order.

In your cut mask, your mask line must be a vector path / line that has a 1pt black stroke, and you should keep your fill set as empty.

Tolerance for the perimeter cut line is .5".

Do not use small/thin kiss cut areas, or have perimeter cut lines that are too close together.

At least .5" must separate your perimeter cut lines from each other, we will not reprint any order with perimeter cut lines that are too close to one another.

Your kiss cut line should be smooth.

If your kiss cut line is ragged, has imperfections or bumps, this will show up in the final piece.

All kiss cut mask shapes must be fully closed paths, no disconnected lines or open paths will cut.

If you have too many sharp angled curves or edges, they may cause unwanted tears in the material.

We will not reprint any order attributed to improper file setup or layout.

If you are tracing an image to create your cut mask, be sure to delete your image from your cut mask file before saving and submitting it.

Also, make sure there are no cut lines included in your print-ready artwork file as they will be printed. 
 The blade will follow the cut mask line you’ve created.

It is recommended that you keep your perimeter cut line slightly inside the border of the image you are trying to cut out.

This will avoid any obvious edges from your background to show once it is cut.

Files should be in 200 - 250 DPI and CMYK.

No bleed is required for us to produce your order but you do need to take into account your own mounting / framing needs.

Here are some rules to keep in mind when creating or checking artwork for Artist Canvas:
Do not use borders.

Stretching may occur in any mounting / framing process and the borders may become uneven.

We will not reprint orders that have been damaged during mounting / framing by an outside company.

Your artwork should measure the finished size you need and include any additional area for mounting / framing.

Since there are many types of mounting applications, we do not include mounting hardware with any Artist Canvas print.